How it works

Create your group

Admin invites physicians to join the group

Create shifts for your group

Physicians within the group select the shifts they want. Admin can then broadcast unfilled shifts to physicians outside the group

Scheduling made easy

Shifts get filled easily. Physicians within group can swap or give away shifts amongst themselves

For administrators

  • Create your exclusive group of physicians
  • Create shifts with the click of a button
  • Physicians select shifts online and in real time
  • Automate the shift swapping process
  • Broadcast unfilled shifts to physicians outside your group

For physicians

  • Fill shifts with the click of a button
  • Export your schedule to a personal calendar
  • Never miss a shift with this app!


  • Easy communication with our messaging system
  • Auto-notice reminding physicians of assigned shifts

Modify schedules

  • Swap shifts
  • Give away shifts


  • Start your discussion groups
  • Upload interesting cases
  • Share your experience